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  1. Michael row the boat ashore Second Line Jazzband 4:35
  2. Blue eyes crying in the rain Second Line Jazzband 6:03
  3. Monkey man Second Line Jazzband 2:44



China Boy


My curly headed baby


Orys Creole Trombone


Michael Row The Boat Ashore


Buona Sera


Dans Les Rues d’Antibes


”Frågan är om inte detta var en av de främsta kvällarna i jazzklubbens historia”.Göran Karlsson, Säffle tidning

”Den nutidsanpassade, välspelade, hårt svängande och oerhört energifyllda samt traditionsbaserade jazz som de sex goa gubbarna presterar kan absolut inte betygsättas på annat sätt än just: bra musik!”Leif Domnérus, OrkesterJournalen

Spelandet är fräsht och nyansrikt utan tecken på ”vanespel”. Musikerna i bandet följer noga med händelserna på scenen och följer de andra i bandet som en skugga”Marti Koljonen, Jazzrytmit (FIN)

”Second Line Jazz Bands jazz är uppfriskande och vördnaden för traditionen är ständigt närvarande”(Folkbladet, Stig L)

”Det är med distans och spelglädje som bandet livar upp en genre där risken för sega upprepningar är stor”NWT, Olle Hernegren

”Smart undviker bandet de vanliga klicheérna, här handlar det också om nyskapande och ungdomlig spelglädje”Göteborgs-Posten, Tore Ljungberg



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The band

The Second Line Jazzband was formed in 1989 and since then has established a position as one of the most popular traditional jazzbands in Europe. Original improvisations and arrangements and a tremendous intensity in our playing have given us oppurtunities to perform at many jazz clubs and festivals, on TV and radio in, for example, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway and, of course, Sweden.

Many prominent musicians have guested with our band over the years such as Antti Sarpila, Lillian Boutté and Orange Kellin. Our unique style comes from our widely differing musical backgrounds but above all it is the New Orleans revival style which gives us the greatest inspiration and is the kind of music we specialize in. We do our best to keep the New Orleans music alive.

Line up

Hampus Andersson

The most recent added band member, works as a freelance musician and music teacher.
He has also been studying music at “Lunnevads folkhögskola”, a school specializing in jazz.
He formed his own gypsy-jazz band in 2003 and has been playing at many clubs and festivals all over Europe since.


Jesper Albrektsson
Trumpet & vocal

Jesper – has played with the Second Line since the very beginning, and works as a musician and is the head chef at the eminent restaurant Gottskär Hotell south of Gothenburg. He has developed his very own style of playing, but he is also a bit of a ”Bunk Johnson-phantom” and sometimes appears as the lead player at special Bunk-concerts. For many years Jesper was an organizer of the Gothenburg Jazz Festival.


Niklas Carlsson
Trombone & vocal

Niklas is also one of the founder members and works full-time as a musician, playing all kinds of music. Sometimes he lends

his talents to studio work with horn sections and as a soloist. He has received several awards, for example ”Louis Armstrong award”, ”Swedish Open i Gladjazz soloistprice”, ”Malte Johnson award”. Niklas is also a talented songwriter.
For many years Niklas also was an organizer of Gothenburg Jazz Festival.

Olof Skoog
Saxophones, clarinet & vocal

Olof joined the band in 1997. He has been studying at Gothenburg Music University, and before that he was a student at ”Svalövs Musikfolkhögskola”, a school specializing in contemporary music. Olof is a full-time musician and has his own quartet, and also plays with all kinds of bands, for various occasions. He has been awarded ”Lerums kulturstipendium”, and the ”Louis Armstrong award”.


Per Bach

Per works as an electrician, but his bass playing takes up a lot of his time. His popularity is perhaps a result of his ”slap”-technique, a style of playing few bass players are able to use.
In his spare time (if he has any), Per plays his 17th century cello with his own string quartet. A doublebass of his was stolen once in Copenhagen so please keep an eye out when you go to Denmark.

Johan Horner

Johan, the baby boy of Second Line Jazzband, joined the band 2007. He has been studying music at Skurups Folkhögskola, a school specialising in jazz, and at Gothenburg Music University. Now he plays all kinds of jazz and blues and after moving from Skåne (the very south of Sweden) he has become a very sought after musician.



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Sweden & Denmark (and all other countries)

Niklas Carlsson
Phone + 46 (0)709 94 93 82

United Kingdom

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Mobile +44 79 5899 5466

Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria

Olof Skoog
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