Monkey Man (2015)

  1. Michael Row The Boat Ashore
  2. Sweet Emma
  3. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  4. Doin’ the Crazy Walk
  5. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
  6. Going Home
  7. My Secret Love
  8. Take It With Me
  9. Monkey Man
  10. Sweeping The Blues Away
  11. Solitude
Jesper Albrektsson: trumpet/vocal. Niklas Carlsson: trombone/vocal. Olof Skoog: tenor sax/clarinet/vocal. Anders Wasén: banjo. Johan Horner: drums. Per Bach: double bass.

Recorded live at Portalen in Greve, Denmark, 16th of May 2015.
Recorded by Henning Nielsen. Mixed and mastered by Michael Thorén at Studio Fabriken, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Photo by Per-Johan Altin. Cover Design by Eleonor Horner.

  1. Michael row the boat ashore Second Line Jazzband 4:35
  2. Blue eyes crying in the rain Second Line Jazzband 6:03
  3. Monkey man Second Line Jazzband 2:44

Monkey Man

Release Date : 16 maj, 2015
Format : CD