Lost Control (2008)

1. Ory’s Creole Trombone
2. Caldonia Medley
3. Can’t Take My Eyes Of You
4. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
5. Three Little Birds
6. Running Wild
7. My Curly Headed Baby
8. Pay Me My Money Down
9. Hesitating Blues
10. When The Saint’s Goes Marching In
11. Blott En Dag (Sv. psalm nr 249)
12. Swanee River
13. It’s All Over Now

Jesper Albrektsson: trumpet/vocals. Niklas Carlsson: trombone/vocals. Olof Skoog: tenorsax/clarinet/vocals. Anders Wasén: banjo. Johan Horner: drums. Per Bach: double bass.

Recorded live 28th &29th of January 2008 at Allmusikverkstan by Second Line Jazzband. Mixed by Second Line & Bosse Savik at Nilento Studio. Cover design by Niklas Carlsson & Jesper Albrektsson. Photo by Kristin Lidell. Lost Control (BJMCD06).

Lost Control

Format : CD